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He just keeps staring at me. Yes, yes, I know that I am sexy. Although saying that to myself might be a little...narcissistic. My eyes flicker down the length of his body. There's no doubt about it. This person is me...but he feels much more whole. Like he has not yet thrown his chips into the wrong pile.

By the valkyries, I really am sexy.

"Who are you?" His query is calculated and already answered.

"I am you." I draw an anxious finger up to my lip, casually supporting my elbow with my other hand. "And I think we can skip the formalities. Since we are fundamentally equal, it makes little sense to try to talk each other into or out of anything." My eyes flutter around the room that I currently occupy, unfortunately by necessity. It's bare, decorated with only the essentials for survival in this wretched Midgardian wasteland. At least now I have some worthy company.

"So. I am to accept that you are not a duplicate." He absently takes the same position as me, no doubt referencing the time when I got a little too curious in my youth, when I reached out to touch my clone but felt nothing.

"We could test it." The nostalgia that collides with my heart as I replay that scene over and over in my mind is driving me crazy. I...I remember just how I felt. I was so alone. Those in the halls of Asgard rejected I turned to myself for comfort. Talking to my clones, using them as a diary to dispel the constant rage that built inside of me. And one day I decided that my sexual frustrations could have been released in the same way. But...alas.

Apparently running over the same course of thoughts, my doppelganger stares at me once again, the tip of his finger playing along the plush of his velvety lower lip.

"So..." I huff out a laugh through my nose at his attempt to begin this inevitable, awkward process, instantly adopting the comfortable demeanor that I had with my clones. He narrows his eyes but continues. "If we touch, and if you are real, then what?" I can feel the tingling of a smirk tug against my facial muscles.

"If we touch, and if you are real, then we figure out what to do from there. I think if we can establish that we are both tangible, then a few more questions will need to be answered." His eyes meet mine, making my chest tighten slightly. Because I was so much more meek back then, I can earnestly say that taking a step toward myself is the only way that this is going to proceed properly. So I do. And he stands defiantly, instinctively puffing out his chest, bracing himself for the moment that we've both waited for, for so very long.

A weak grunt culls in his throat when my fingers meet his breastplate. He is clad in our armour, the fit is excruciatingly perfect...A warm touch against my bare chest pulls me from the thorough examination that I give him. As I was near slumber when he arrived, my only accoutrements consist of a thin pair of...boxers? I stole them from some poor sod here and I couldn't care less about their given name, to be honest.

"I understand your apprehension, Loki," speaking my name to someone other than myself...I now understand the mortal need for nick-names, "so, to prove to you that I," I place my palm against his breastplate and  get that much closer to him, steadily reaching up toward his face to cup his cheek--

"And how does that prove a thing?!" He breaks free of my touch, angrily shoving against my torso. Arrogant, little...Calm yourself...He is me after all. Yes...he is me...

"Who else would know about our attempted foray down near the creek?" I paw a small step toward him again, my chilled feet silently connecting with the concrete. Those beautiful, clear, glacial eyes stagger, staring at me for a second only to divert off to nothingness. "Who else would know of the way it felt..." My hand draws itself across my heart, sincerely. There is that tightening again. A rather aggravating distraction when one is trying to seduce one's self.

"But...But I have a plan! This cannot be my fate!" He eyes full of hope, promise, purpose.

"I will tell you honestly that it is a bad plan. You won't like what you find..." Our vision remains steady for a little while before his sight squirms from my grasp. "Or where you end up." My mouth grimaces as I remember where we are. We could be having this wonderful little conversation in our bed, back home. Home...

"So, what, if I fail to go through with my plan, you cease to exist. Why would you consider that the preferable option?" My chin tilts upward and I narrow my eyes at him, feeling so much wiser than my former self.

"Because then it would take care of any loose ends that...tonight might provide. We are not as alone as we were in the forest. Heimdahl does constantly watch, and my magic is better spent on certain other things. But if you can convince me that you'll devise a better plan," I step again, "then we can deal with this particular set of nagging curiosities that we have had to deal with for the better part of our lives..." The skin of my palm connects with his cheek, tender and silently pleading. "I do not want all this...rot for myself. Help me." The cupping of my hand draws his jaw up, to look at him straight on.

"What...What has happened to you?" His will is so weak...perhaps this is why I failed...My hand drops as my rage takes over, not at him...not at me...but at the world. Why could they not have just accepted me? Why could they not just have knelt before their rightful King?! I turn from him, trying so hard to keep him from deigning to feel the way that I do now.

"I have lost everything. We stand in what would be my prison, here on Midgard. Just as alone...but now I am the enemy. The enemy." My head rolls side to side on my neck as I place a hand on my hip, the other at my chin.

"What if I do not fail where you have?" His innocent voice is closer than where I left him...

"Do not flatter yourself. The fact that we have met is proof enough that you do fail. Make the right choice and let tonight be a night that you--" A strong hand grips the crook of my elbow, startling me. I turn back to him, our lips almost touching, our hot, icy breath mingling. Well, that was easy. Although it would not take much convincing for anyone else, either. "That you will remember for the rest of your eternal life." My last words tumble out of my mouth, our lips brushing against each other as they do.

I turn around fully, grinning madly at the soft blush that has crept across his pale cheeks.

"Loki..." The sound of our mutual name melting off his tongue sends shivers down my aching spine. I need this vacation a little more than I had originally thought. It is too bad that I have yet to meet a Midgardian that I can stand for more than five minutes. Then I might not have had to convince him. Although the forbidden fruit that I am about to taste holds a certain allure that might have enticed me either way...

"Yes, Loki?" A throaty chuckle reverberates between us, disclosing his appreciation of my attempt at humour. Our hands clasp at the strong angles of our jaw bones, cupping each other with both hands, the eyes of the broken and the eyes of the hopeful meeting in a dervish of whimsical lust. I take one of my hands and slip a fragment of his jet black hair behind his right ear with my slender fingers--

"Mmmm!" Our lips connect, the muscles ebbing against each other like a mound of slithering serpents. I suppose it had been some time since I had gotten any pleasure from another before this all started, but my dear are perhaps more into this than I am. Perhaps this is because this is more about desperation to me, and to you...this is just a bit of fun...

"Ahhh..." I pull away from him, moaning in delight as he slips his palms down to my chest, fingertips digging in around my collarbone like he wants to feel my flesh in his grasp. A smile drifts across his face until he bites his lip. A pinching guttural sound comes lolling out of my mouth as he does. I do not understand how anyone could resist me...I crash my lips against his again, this time digging against them with a flaccid tongue. I flip his body around and push him on my bed, our mouths never fact the jolt of our bodies hitting the slightly uncomfortable mattress only facilitates my entering his mouth.

Our tongues slather each other in almost symmetrical saliva, weaving with want. I whimper, feeling my hips buckle and pull my head up to stare at his beauty, my beauty, once again. We are only half-way on the bed and slipping off slowly, but noticeably. I take his hips in my hands and hoist him up, throwing him a bit farther. He lands with a soft thud, the squeaking of the springs lingering around us. I crawl up the length of his body, fluid and distant, but those eyes pull me back. His slick, sleek hair has mussed itself up again and he bites his lip in that familiar way.

"Actually." I look up toward the ceiling, having a thought. My sight flickers to his eyes only to find them staring at my crotch, his teeth still grating against the plush of his lower lip. A cheeky grin stretches across my face and I reach out to grab him, twisting him around and throwing him off the bed. Knowing his reflexes are perfectly able to deal with that assault, I situate myself at the edge of the bed. My Loki stares at me with the most incredulous eyes. That look is so incredible...I wish for it to be ingrained into his features by the end of the night. "Kneel." The meat of my lip ripples between my teeth as I feel the blood rush to my groin. The look on my face obviously gets him going: his neck dips in that way that mine does when I see something that I like.

He complies, dropping to his knees in one practiced movement, crawling back toward me like the predatory cats of Jotunheim. Simply the sight of myself being this submissive, simply the fact that I can dominate someone so easily causes my chest to heave as my breath suddenly leaves me.

"Fuck." The dizzying in my head spirals out of control as my uncorrupted self reaches out to my clenching thighs. That icy smirk that I have tried to control so many times slices across his face. He knows that he has me. His hands slink up my skin, like the densest fog: cold, smooth and permeating. My head reels back, a low moan bellowing out of my lungs, as his misty touch reaches the fabric that constricts me. A hungry rubbing of his hands at the clothing elicits another groan and an instinctual flexing of my erection...almost like it is commanding him to tantalize it.

As if he hears this silent edict, the god before me closes the small distance between himself and my shins, pressing up against them with his finely tailored armour. I sit up straight and reach around to the right places to easily disburden my lover of his outer layer of  clothing. He removes his hands from me just long enough to carefully place it on the floor.


With the greatest of ease, I tilt to the side and grab one of the extra pillows at the end of my bed and push it between us. Knowing what I am thinking, he lifts his knees up and places them back down, obviously more comfortable. His hands are back on me, those lovely fingertips digging into me again, soothing the tension in my thighs. In slow circles, he moves his attention up, underneath the loose fabric.

"Ahh..." Too quick for anyone else's senses, Loki pulls the mortal clothing from my skin. But I feel each agonizing millisecond of the action, blood leaving my limbs to spicily heat the flesh of my groin. "Stop teasing." He stops rather suddenly, disbelief clouding the innocence of his features again.

"We've only been at this for a few minutes."

"Well, I have already been waiting for how many years to do this, and you are doing nothing but beleaguering this whole--Ah!" My breath hitches in my throat as he takes the head of my penis in his mouth, instantly flittering his tongue against it. "Oh yes...yes..." He begins to push more of it into his mouth, slowly...dreadfully slowly. But he might choke if I push him...well...would that be so terrible? Instinctively, I touch my throat. Yes. Yes, it would be. I look down at him, toiling away at taking me into his mouth, his fingers are delicate and strong, mesmerizing my nerves. Such beautiful entrancement...My hand snakes its way to his hair, combing my fingers through it lightly before settling at the back of his head. I give him no push, but only a comforting hand. He expresses his gratitude with a deep moan that instills the percolation of vibrations into my body, rolling like crashing waves against my nerves. My head starts to spin again as I silently thank myself that I didn't rush him.

He removes his warm mouth from my engorged appendage, evoking an angry growl from the depths of my throat.

"What are you doing?!" He looks up at me with the most adorable of expressions; I can feel my stern expression thaw out like that frosted pang in my chest again...Damn...

"I need to breathe, dear Loki." He stands up only to kneel on the bed, his luscious crotch almost touching my face. "Perhaps you would like to feel what it is like to have a large cock being shoved down your own throat?" The most wonderfully sardonic of grins ekes out from the tension of his cheeks, the crinkles of his flawless eyes. "Perhaps you would like to test the mettle of your breath?" A silent groan tickles the innards of my neck; I clear it with a soft cough and place my hands on his lovely hips.

"Yes. Perhaps I would like to do that." I press my lips against his cock piece, pull away and then kiss again in the small patch of fabric between the hard sheath and his leg plates. A groan erupts from above me, the shift in his posture telling me that he has thrown his head back. Good boy...

Perhaps I also ought to take my time with this...tease him like he teased me. And punish him for not finishing the job...With the slowest of movements, I hook my fingers in just the right places to drag his armour down his taught thighs. It is a good thing I chose to go for flexibility rather than a solid iron defense.  His trousers sag as they detach from his sublime skin and out pops the most solid erection I've ever laid my eyes on. One of the few times, so perhaps it is not saying much, but it is a marvel to look at. I shake my head to help myself focus and continue at my slow pace, looking up at his transfixed face every now and then: the light catches it in such a way that causes his eyes sparkle as he looks at me, cheeks pink, lips swollen from his incessant gnawing at them.

"So why is it that you can take your time but I cannot?" His voice is languid and slow; he's obviously enjoying this...He just doesn't want to admit it.

"I am older. I can do what I want." A smirk splits my left cheek as I rush his disrobing, pulling his pants to his knees and staring up at him with as much need as I can muster. This is by far the most enjoyable game that I've ever played...

"Ah!" He draws a sharp breath in, the throbbing in his groin escalates exponentially. "Mmmuh..." I move my face in toward him, poking my tongue out, redefining tantalization. Loki shudders, his hands twitching.

His undershirt clings to his chest still.

I do not think that I like that. In fact I know that I do not like that.

"Take your shirt off."  I speak against the skin of his shaft, dragging a flat tongue all the way up it once my command is complete.

"AAuughh..." With two belaboured breaths he almost rips the sheath of cloth off of him and pulls away from me, fervently removing the remaining garments from himself before tackling me into the bounce of the spring mattress. Those silken lips collide with mine, plushed up and heavenly.

"Mmmm..." My moan vibrates against his lips, the waves flowing back at me with the force of his kiss. I drag my hands up his body, lightly digging my finger tips into the knots of his back. The reverberations get more intense as he joins me in my hushed monologue. His tongue delves into my mouth, not being able to wait for me to make the first move; I press my tongue against his, making him fight me for dominance. "M-mm." My fingers slink up to his naked shoulders, my palms on his chest and I push him off of me. "I believe that I have got another idea."

"Can you stop stopping? This is getting ridiculous." He shifts himself enough to grab my hands in his and he presses them upward, holding them there above my head. The stretching in my chest is absolutely I am swimming in a sea of myself. Our lips meet again for an instant before he licks them and blows  on them with the most chilly of breaths.

" will have to continue to make me. If you keep tantalizing me like this, I will have to take over for you. You make a rather poor lover." Absolute resentment saturates his visage as he pushes my hands down with his palms, straining his fingers against mine and thrusting his hips up against my pelvis, our identical erections caressing each other like two perfectly synchronized pillows. His testicles slap against the top of my own, sending thrilling goose pimples across my chest. I press my hardened nipples up and into his muscular chest. The lids of his eyes are drooping, making it painfully obvious that he is just not ready to take charge yet.
Part 2 - [link]

Basically I saw this picture: [link]
And well...this is what happened.

I wanted to get this first part up for this lovely lady: [link]
So I'm sorry if this is updated a little less frequently. Btw go read her LokixReader story. It's pretty much fantabulous <3
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Leafpool56 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015  Student Writer
Weeeeeell... Came here 'cause someone told me this is awesome.
I did not read the title at first I was like "What the hell is happening?!?! "

I rly love Loki...and I kinda like Yaoi... But this nearly destroyed my love to loki.. Gooood I rly cant imagine him to do such a thing xD

Nice idea and nice writing style but (my) loki is not this self centered!

Well maybe this is strange 'cause I would never do this to myself and cant understand Why he would do this d:
LauriMikko Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't.. I swear I just can't.. I love you. I think I love you for this.
LadyLaumes Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Also, thank you for the fav XD :huggle:
LauriMikko Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem!
LadyLaumes Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, you're welcome, dear ;3
SnakeCharmed79 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Wow,'nuff said
LadyLaumes Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Haha ;3 So few words. Have the Lokis rendered you speechless?
SnakeCharmed79 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
Maybe but your story inspired me to commission a Loki x Loki artwork ('Taking Control' by Slugette). Art inspires story inspires art.
LadyLaumes Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
o.o really? I saw that piece a while back XD interesting...and sexy ;3
Pirahnnya Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist
....*going to take a tissue after licking my screen* Holy fondue...This is soo...fiefurieferiofueri fuerif er !!!!
So more than amazing,ugrrrr... I could read it 100 times more 'cause it's so detailed and well written. :blush: (but my ovaries will can't stand it ! XDDD)
Every sentence is pure of hotness. The concept,no words I'm speechless. O// . //O thank you so muuch!!
X///D You are soooo awesome,so awesome. How can I have the chance to meet a writer like you?!
I'm glad that my drawing inspired you, the picture suits it well... heehe :iconhurrrplz:
I can simply picture all scenes in my head of this story... Oh my fucking feels! * ¬ *
Thanks again to share it with me. It means a lot,and I adore it and apreciate it a lot!! ..really! X//3 :heart:
If you write another part ( like I see in the title) I'll definitely read it with all my joy! <3
LadyLaumes Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh I will be writing another part <333 Thank you so much for this wonderful comment too! It definitely made my day.
Third-Eye99 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
omg thank you for this!!! absolutely can. not. wait. to read more! I've been wanting to read about a lokixloki experience for so long!! :horny:
LadyLaumes Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, you are most welcome. It's fun to write. Just the perfect amount of challenge to it ;3 Like Loki D:
Third-Eye99 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Professional General Artist
yeah i bet! it's also fun to read hehe. makes me want to draw obscene loki pictures :horny:
LadyLaumes Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh please do, haha ;3
Third-Eye99 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Professional General Artist
oh i will... i shall take inspiration from your lokixloki fic XD :la:
ImWiththeUnicorn Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:iconnghplz: oh fuck fucking HELL that was hot!! ANGH
I want more T^T but this is beautiful. Def. linking to it in my next chap. Hooooooooly hell.
LadyLaumes Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You write the best comments <3

Thank you >.<

And you know I love to tease ;D I just hope it sounds like Loki. Always worried about breaking the characters that I write about.
ImWiththeUnicorn Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The quality of my comments depends on the quality of the work ;P

Meaning this was fantastic.

Hehe don't worry it is TOTALLY in character <3 ohhh Loki. Unf.
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